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Thrifty ice Cream has been known and well-loved in the West coast for their cylinder-shaped scoops and unique flavours. We have made the traditional California dessert a sure hit to people from all ages with our one-of-a-kind flavours like the Chocolate Malted Krunch and relatively low price.

Thrifty Ice Cream is sold in all Rite Aid stores in California but it has become available to residents and guests of Las Vegas too. Because we aim to provide world- class ice cream perfection at reasonable prices, our clients can only expect more beautiful and delicious improvements from us.

What used to be an ordinary, traditional dessert has been transformed into a real treat by Thrifty Ice Cream. Each scoop is sold at an affordable $1.79 but it’s deliciously good taste is worth a thousand more smiles.
Thrifty cones will be made available throughout Nevada in stand-alone Thrifty Ice Cream parlors that are especially designed for the coming together of families and friends. In our desire to serve you better, this new business venture will soon be a reality.

This well-loved ice cream brand reminds everyone about the happy childhood that they had. Young and old alike simply fall in love with every taste of the Thrifty ice cream. Without a doubt, parents who see the Thrifty sign will have their children in tow soon after to introduce them to the flavour of ice cream they’ve always loved and never-forgotten.
The brand’s familiarity has always found its home in the hearts of Nevada. Its years in the industry have established not fame but built families and good relationships instead. Thrifty ice Cream has become a reminder of the good in life.